Hodonin u Kunštatu (memorial in a forest)

Historical background

Description of commemoration

The memorial was erected on the initiative of the Museum of Romani Culture in Brno. Within the fenced area of the cemetery with earth graves, there is a cross with a Gypsy wheel inscribed in the horse collar. At the intersection of beams, there is a stone with an engraved inscription and a plaque informing about history of the fenced area. In addition, a plaque with the information about the founder (Museum of Romani Culture in Brno) was placed on the fence.

Initiated by the Museum, a memorial meeting is held here every year on Sunday, August 21, when a large Roma transport took place from Hodonin to Auschwitz II.


  1. Sponsor: „Žalov – památník obětem / tzv. cikánského tábora / (1942-1943) / the Museum logo (Žalov – a memorial to the victims of the camp for the Gypsies (1942-1943))
  2. Information plaque: Translation into English: Žalov – a memorial to the victims of the camp for the Gypsies.
  3. Inscription under the cross: „Památce Romů / zahynulych zde / v letech 1942-43 / Ma bisteren! / Nezapomeňme! (Translation into English: To the memory of the Roma who were murdered here in the years 1942-1943. Ma bisteren! (in Romani) Let us not forget!)
  4. The inscription on the stope made just after the war: „Žalov oběti nacismu” (Translation into English: Žalov – victims of nazism)

Date of the unveiling



Eduard Oláh (cross)




49°30’28.5″N 16°25’21.6″E





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