München (memorial)

Historical background

A plaque dedicated to the Sinti and Roma commemorates about 200 Gypsies from Munich, deported and murdered in KL Auschwitz and other camps. The plaque is located near the central memorial dedicated to all victims of National Socialism.

Description of commemoration

In the Square of Victims of National Socialism, on an obelisk that resembles a chimney stack, there is an eternally burning candle, placed in a cage in the form of a cube with a thick metal lattice. The memorial is dedicated to all victims persecuted by this system, which is mentioned in the inscription on the metal wall, located on the border of the square and the lawn. In addition, there was also an information board explaining when the name of the square was changed and when the monument was erected (2013-14).

The plaque dedicated to the Roma and Sinti is a bronze cast. Initially, it was set directly on a rectangular square made of stone pavement, but the concept has changed and currently the board is placed on a concrete platform, which on its sides and behind the plaque is smoothly connected with a lawn with a gentle slope.

The cast is made in such a way that the background is lower and the letters of the inscription protrude above the surface. The background has a “scratched” texture. In the lower right-hand corner, the plaque is signed by the author with the hand-engraved initials „T.P.”



In German:

Zum Gedenken an die / von 1933-1945 ermordeten / Münchener Sinti u. Roma. // Sie wurden Opfer des / Nationalsozialistischen Völkermordes / in Auschwitz / und den anderen / Vernichtungsstätten / in Europa. // TP


In memory of the Munich Sinti and Roma murdered in 1933-1945. They were victims of the National Socialist genocide in Auschwitz and other places of extermination in Europe.


Date of the unveiling




Toni Preis



Hugo Höllenreiner


Platz der Opfer des Nationalsozialismus, Brienner Straße, 80333 München, Deutschland




48°08’34.1″N 11°34’25.2″E

48.142813, 11.573655

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The main memorial:

The Roma memorial:

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