Pilica-Złożeniec (memorial)

Historical background

This is a mass grave of the Roma murdered by the German occupying forces in 1942. Its inventory number in the Register of the Provincial Office is MP 77/12. In July 1943, gendarmes from the Mot-Zug unit (a platoon of motorized gendarmerie – Gandarmerie Mot-Zug 63 under the command of Lieutenant von Kreske) stationed in the palace captured a group of Gypsies who were camping in Czarny Las (the Black Forest). The detainees were first held in the park at Krakowska Street and then in the custody in the the palace. After a few days, the men were led out to the barns standing by the road to Dzwonowice, where the execution was to take place. Seeing the pits dug in the ground, the Gypsies fled into the fields hiding in high growing crops. Two Roma were killed. Later, they were loaded onto carts and 6 women and 23 children were taken in the direction of Złożeniec. Executions were carried out in the forest. One boy was saved.


Description of commemoration

At Mickiewicza Street (in the direction of Olkusz), just behind the exit sign from the city of Pilica and in front of the village of Złożeniec, 100 m from the road, there is a mass grave of the Roma from World War II, which is indicated by an appropriate sign.

The memorial site consists of a mass grave overgrown with grass, framed with stones and a post shrine? / cross? – concrete structure with two granite plaques embedded in it. A little further to the right, behind the grave there is a newer granite cross, and in front of it a concrete field altar with a granite slab on top.

The memorial does not include any information related to the date when any of its elements were created or uveiled.


The older plaque:

In Polish:

Tu spoczywa / około czterdziestu / nieznanych z nazwiska / Romów / zamordowanych / przez hitlerowców / w lipcu 1942 roku // Niewinnym ofiarom / wieczny pokój i pamięć


Here rest / about forty / Roma / unknown by name / murdered / by the Nazis / in July 1942 // Innocent victims / eternal peace and memory to them


A newer plaque in the Romani:

Daj ćhine zamarde / i pareskirde / śtar desia / Roma / zamarde łen sasy / dro lipco 1942 berś // Łokhi phów łenge


Pilica, ul. Mickiewicza [Mickiewicza Street]


50°26’46.5″N 19°39’08.4″E


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