In the “Panorama” Gallery located in the railway station building in Tarnów, a permanent exhibition is presented, devoted to the “Transylvanian Panorama” by Jan Styka and a team of painters under the direction of Jan Styka. This painting depicts the seizure of Sibiu by the Hungarians led by Gen. Józef Bem on 11th March 1849. This painting was created in 1897, ordered by the Hungarians, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian uprising against the Austrians in 1848-49.

In 1897, this painting was exhibited in Lviv and in Budapest in 1898 and then in several other Hungarian cities. It was also exhibited in Warsaw in 1907 and then, as a result of decreased interest in panoramic paintings, the author cut this work of art into fragments for commercial reasons.

To commemorate Gen. Józef Bem, the District Museum in Tarnów collects the preserved fragments of this Transylvanian Panorama and documents the fate of others that are not owned by the Museum. So far, 38 fragments of the Panorama have been found and 19 out of them is in the Museum’s possession.