Dunajska Środa

Historical background

In 1945, in reaction to the approaching front of war, fascists and the so-called nyilašovci (Hungarian nationalists) killed 60 Roma (vlachiko) on the bank of the Little Danube near Dunajská Streda. Those who were not shot – drowned.

Dunajská Streda is a reminder that during World War II the Roma had their tragic history also in southern Slovakia.


Description of commemoration

The monument is located at Hlavna Street, behind the roundabout towards Komarna (on the left side of the road).

It is a brick wall (approx. 220 cm) on a small concrete pedestal, in which a symbolic, closed window is embedded. The windows is secured with bars, barbed wire and an additional tin curtain. There is also some barbed wire above the wall. On the left, there is a bas-relief of a crouched man embedded in the wall. Next to it, there is a plaque with sn inscription. At the bottom, on the left there is a plaque with the names of the artists and the date of the foundation.



In Slovak, Romani, Hungarian:

  1. The main plaque: „Rómsky holokaust / Romano holokaust / Roma holokauszt // 1939-1945 // Spomínaj! / Ma bisteren! / Emlékezz!”

(Romani Holocaust. 1939-1945. Remember!)

  1. The plaque with names: „Na pamiatku rómskeho / holokaustu dielo / vytvorili – bratia / Alojz a Robert / Šarkőzy / z Dunajskej Lužnej / 2006”

(To commemorate the Roma holocaust, this work was created by brothers Alojz and Robert Šarkőzy from Dunajská Lužná – 2006)


Date of the unveiling



Alojz Šarkőzy, Robert Šarkőzy from Dunajská Lužná


Jozef Ravasz

In Minorita – projekt Ma bisteren!



  1. Hlavna [Hlavna Street] behind the roundabout towards Komarna – on the left, the memorial is visible from the street.



47°59’28.5″N 17°37’21.1″E





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