Tisovec (district Rimavská Sobota)

Historical background

On November 20, 1944 Gypsies were deceived by the provocateurs claiming to be partisans. As a result, 78 people from the settlement were accused of cooperation with partisans. Men (14) were shot under the Hradovou Mountain, 64 women and children were killed in Kremnička. A memorial stands at the place where the men were executed.

Description of commemoration

The memorial consists of stone blocks that form a pedestal, and a fragment of the wall, which resembles a wall and a chimney standing in the corner. Seemingly the memorial was renovated: concrete was poured on the bottom of the two-stage stone pedestal (probably in order to connect the cracked stones and to level the surface). There are two concrete steps roughly in the middle of the memorial.

In the central part of the memorial there is a brass plaque with a commemorative inscription and a list of the names of the victims. There is no information that there were some Gypsies among those killed, however this is evident when examining the names on the plaque.


In Slovak:

“Na tomto mieste padli dňa 21. novembra 1944 v obeť / hromadnej vražde nemeckých fašistov po potlačeni / Slovenského narod. povstania títo občania Tisovca: // [names] // »Česť ich pamiatke!«”


“At this location, on November 21, 1944, after the suppression of the Slovak National Uprising, the following residents of  Tisowiec sacrificed their lives in a mass execution by German fascists: [names] (…). “Honor their memory!”

Names of victims (only the Gypsy ones)

Ondrej Dono   born 20.07.1910

Ľud. Horváth   born 21.11.1904

Alad. Mušuka  born 11.03.1914

Dezid. Mušuka            born 6.12.1929

Lad. Mušuka   born 6.08.1894

Bartol. Oláh     born 22.05.1906

Frant. Oláh      born 11.07.1927

Ludovit Oláh   born 4.06.1907

Gejza Oláh      born 15.01.1913

Ján Oláh          born 1.10.1886

Ján Oláh          born 26.12.1901

Ján Oláh          born 12.09.1909

Ján Oláh          born 9.04.1929

Matej Oláh      born 9.05.1912

Date of the unveiling




  1. Malinovského, Tisovec, SK


48°40’47.4″N 19°56’20.7″E


Zuza Kumanová, Arne B. Mann, Ma bisteren, Nové poznatky o holocauste Rómov na Slovensku, Bratislava 2015, s. 25.




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