Lutila (district Žiar nad Hronom)

Historical background


46 Gypsies from Lutila, falsely accused of cooperating with partisans, were shot in Dolny Turček on November 2, 1944.

Description of commemoration

The dominant element of the memorial is the cracked wheel at the top of the structure. Pierced with a grate, the wheel is placed on a rock of beautiful colour and structure, characteristic of the Lutila area. The height of the stone is approx. 130 cm. Below the iron wheel there is a metal plaque with an inscription (some letters have fallen off).

The memorial was created as part of the Slovak project Ma bisteren!


In Slovak:

“Ma bisteren! / Na pamiatku rómskych obetí / 1939-1945 // Dňa 2. novembra 1944 / boli všetci obyvatelia / rómskej osady v Lutile / zajatí, eskortovaní / a neskôr popravení / v Dolnom Turčeku”


“Ma bisteren! In memory of the Roma victims of 1939-1945. On November 2, 1944, all residents of the Roma settlement in Lutila were captured, taken out, and then killed in Dolny Turček)


Date of the unveiling

December 15, 2005


Ladislav Čisárik Jr. and Alexander Reindl


In Minorita – projekt Ma bisteren!




48°36’57.4″N 18°50’30.2″E


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