The District Museum in Tarnów believes that all people have the right to equally participate in cultural events, therefore, we undertake actions to make it fully accessible to everyone who wishes to visit our Departments.

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Basic information

The District Museum in Tarnów declares to ensure the availability of its website in accordance with the law from April 4th, 2019 concerning the digital availability of websites and mobile applications of public bodies. The statement regarding availability applies to the website.

  • Date of the publication of the website: 2017-12-15
  • Date of the latest update: 2021-03-01

Status in regard to the accordance with the law

The website is partially in accordance with the law from April 4th, 2019 regarding the digital availability of websites and mobile applications of public authorities due to the discrepancies or exceptions described hereunder.

Unavailable content

Some of the films do not have subtitles for the deaf provided.

Some of the photos do not have alternative descriptions provided.

Some of the documents might not be available due to their publication based on the rules established by a different institution, or they come from different sources.

There is no structure of headlines in some of the articles.


It is possible to use the standard hot keys of the browser on the website.

There is a zoom and contrast.

The possibility of the choice of contrast (eight colours to choose from).

The possibility to enlarge the size of letters on the website.

There is a map of the website provided on the website.

There is a tab „Availability” with the adjusted content to the needs of the disabled


Not all of the publications in the PDF format publicised on the website are available digitally: they either were publicised before 23.09.2018 or are not used for the accomplishment of the current mission of the District Museum in Tarnów.

Some of the publicised photographs are not provided with their alternative descriptions: they either were publicised before 23.09.2018 or are not used for the accomplishment of the current mission of the District Museum in Tarnów.

Preparation of the declaration regarding the availability

  • Date of the issue of the declaration: 2022-01-01
  • Date of the latest review of the declaration: 2023-03-13

The declaration was made on the basis of the self-evaluation of the public authorities.

Feedback and contact information

In case of any problems with the availability of the website, please do not hesitate to contact Ewelina Kuboń,, 606131113. It is also possible to submit requests to the institution to share unavailable information as well as make complaints about the failure in the ensurance of availability under the aforementioned contact information.

Everyone has the right to:

  • make comments regarding the digital availability of the website or its element,
  • make a demand on the ensurance of the digital availability of the website or its element,
  • issue to share unavailable information in another alternative way.

The demand must include:

  • contact information to the person making a demand,
  • the indication of the website or its element on which the demand is made
  • the indication of a convenient form in order to share the information if the demand regards the share of unavailable information in the alternative form.

The demand will be responded to not later than 7 days after its reception. Should the ensurance of availability or the ensurance of availability in an alternative form not be possible, it will be ensured not later than 2 months after the date of the demand.

Complaints and appeals

Should a public body refuse to meet a demand regarding the ensurance of availability or an alternative form to gain access to information, the person issuing a demand can make a complaint concerning the ensurance of digital availability of the website, mobile applications, or an element of the website. Having followed the above procedure, it is possible to put in a request to the Polish Ombudsman as well.

Architectural availability

District Museum in Tarnów, Rynek 3, 33-100 Tarnów
1. The building is located in the town square. There are parking spots provided for the disabled at  Wekslarska Street and. Rybny Square

2.There are two bus stops near the town square, namely Burek; Lwowska-Szeroka and Mickiewicza-Poczta

3.Unfortunately, the seat of the District Museum is not well-adjusted for the physically disabled. Getting around the building requires an assistant.

  • There is a driveway in the right part of the elevation, which enables getting into the building
  • The ground floor does not have any horizontal obstacles.
  • There is a reception desk, a locker room and a toilet on the ground floor.
  • The building possesses a lift with audio communication as well as information in the Braille alphabet.
  • It is possible to get to the first, second and third floors with the help of the lift.
  • There is an outer office together with the directors’ offices on the first floor.
  • There are administration, accounts and promotion offices on the second floor.
  • There are the Art Department and the Main Stock Taker’s offices on the third floor.
  • There are two stairs in the middle of the corridor on the first and second floors, which can be taken with the help of access ramps.
  • On the ground floor, the exhibition is available.
  • The exhibition halls in the cellar of the building are not adjusted due to the lack of a lift and the difference in levels
  • The building possesses a typhlographic plan, which is on the ground floor
  • The building has the FM system in its equipment (the reception desk – the ground floor)
  • The building as well as other departments of the District Museum can be entered with a guide dog.
  • The building does not possess any information in the Braille alphabet, excluding contrast signs or an enlarged print for the visually-impaired and the blind in the lift.

Aside from the above: we provide people with special needs with the possibility of their evacuation or saving in a different way (audio announcements, the indication of escape routes, training and instructions for post holders about fire safety precautions, and the rules relating to the behaviour in case of evacuation).

Additional information

In order to effectively communicate with the employees of the District Museum, people with particular needs can:

  • make a request under the address: District Museum in Tarnów, Rynek 3; 33-100 Tarnów,
  • send an email to
  • send a text message to 602146811,
  • call the District Museum,
  • make a request for an interpreter of Polish Sign Language while handling affairs in the registrar’s office and other offices, a varnishing day, tours, and lessons

The sharing of selected information and documents

  • in the Polish Sign Language
  • in enlarged prints
  • in a language which is easy to read and understand (ETR)

is possible after the earlier handover of the registration. In order to improve the contact, it is recommended to use the template of a registration letter.

Contact to the Availability Coordinator:

Lucyna Marzec-Pałach,

tel. 602146811

Kinga Smółka tel. 14 692 9000

More information concerning availability in the District Museum in Tarnów:

We are working on the full adjustment of the website, including the creation of alternative texts (audio description) to graphic materials published before 2020.

Should you have any doubts, please contact us at: